Worldwide Collectibles is now part of the Xchange of America family!

Beginning Wednesday, May 22, 2019 our websites and phone numbers should start redirecting to and their corporate headquarters.  In the event they do not forward immediately please go directly to or call their numbers on the website.  Do Not place orders on the Worldwide Collectibles website (they will not be processed)

 It is very important you use the email you registered with Worldwide Collectibles when ordering with Xchange of America. This will get you discounts, free currency and special promotions for Worldwide Collectibles Customers only.

 FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE:  Worldwide Collectibles is pleased to announce that their customers can now be served directly thru the longstanding relationship it has developed with Xchange of America (XOA.)  Worldwide Collectibles relationship with Xchange of America as the direct supplier of our customer’s currency goes back 7 years almost as far back as the inception of our company in 2012.  We are excited to extend the more significant capabilities and additional services Xchange of America is able to offer to our customers.

 1)Travelers will have faster accessibility to 80 currencies thru XOA’s larger inventory  

 2)Customers will have access to foreign currency exchange at more competitive pricing 

 3)Customers will also have ability to exchange their currency in person at the 8 Xchange of America store locations across the country

 Xchange of America has earned our unmitigated trust and total confidence during the 7 plus years of conducting business with them.  They are a top rate, highly reputable company that is simply very good at what they do. We very much value our customer’s loyalty over the last 7 plus years and look forward to providing them with the enhanced capabilities that Xchange of America offers.  Thank you for being our customers.  We appreciate it very much.