100 Trillion Zimbabwe Dollars Why The Price Is Rising April 21 2016

100 Trillion Dollar Zimbabwe AA 2008 Notes Are On The Rise

If you're a buyer of the Zimbabwe 100 Trillion Dollar notes, you may have noticed that as of late the prices seem to be rising. Many of our customers ask why this is?

It really comes down to supply and demand. Years ago you could pickup the 100 Trillion Zimbabwe notes on Amazon for a couple Dollars. People would give them away as gag gifts.

Over the years however they have gotten scarce. There's a fairly limited amount of them printed, I've heard somewhere in the neighborhood of 3 Million which though may sound like a lot of money in the grand scheme of things is a fairly small number of banknotes available.

As more people buy these notes less of them are available on the wholesale markets which in turn drives up the price. It also doesn't help that years ago a handful of brokers bought up the vast majority of the supply so they seem to control the price.

We have seen our wholesale price on the Zimbabwe 100 Trillion notes go up about 5x over the course of the past year or two. Most recently during the extreme shortage many suppliers were wanting upwards of $75 a note even when buying an entire "brick" which is 1,000 notes.

As of recently the prices have begun to come down slightly but are still higher than they have been in the past. We still however offer the 50 Trillion Zimbabwe AA 2008 notes at a reasonable cost of $25 per note. Essentially you could buy (2) 50 Trillion notes, have the same amount as Zim as you would buying a single 100 Trillion note, and it would cost you almost $20 less. The 50 Trillion notes seem to be the best bargain going these days.

If you're interested in buying Zimbabwe Dollars feel free to check out our 100 Trillion Zimbabwe Dollars and our 50 Trillion Zimbabwe Dollars.