100 Trillion Zimbabwe Dollars AA2008 Series - We Have Them In Stock May 03 2016

Buy 100 Trillion Zimbabwe Dollars

Are you looking to buy the 100 Trillion Zimbabwe Dollars AA2008 Series notes? You've come to the right place. Here at BuyIQD.Com we carry the entire Trillion series of the AA2008 Zimbabwe Dollars notes.

The 100 Trillion Dollar note is probably the most popular of the Zimbabwe Dollars we carry. This interesting note is the largest note ever printed by any country. They are fairly rare as well, we've heard only around 3 Million or so were made. That may seem like a large number but in the world of currency and banknotes it's actually a fairly small number.

This is the note which has the 3 stones or 3 boulders on the front. These notes were printed in 2008. We carry these notes for $69.95. Pickup a couple for yourself today.