100 Trillion Dollar Zimbabwe AA2008 Note - A Hot Collectors Item May 03 2016

These 100 Trillion Zimbabwe Dollar banknotes make a great addition to any numismatic or banknote collectors collection. They also make a fun gift item, make your friend a Trillionaire!!!

These bills show the pitfalls of runaway hyperinflation in the Country of Zimbabwe, a country troubled with fiscal problems, and these are among the largest denomination ever in actual use by a country ever, in the history of the world.

These notes are no longer legal tender in Zimbabwe, but were legal tender in 2008. Today Zimbabwe technically speaking has no offical currency but are using upwards of 18 different currencies including the US Dollar, Euro, Pound, Chinese Yuan, and Australian Dollar among others.

Each note we sell is in crisp, new, and uncirculated condition

Get yours today as there are fewer and fewer of these left out there everyday that goes by. It's already getting tough to source them.