Why Are 50 Trillion Zimbabwe Dollars Less Expensive Than 100 Trillion? May 21 2016

Why The Price Difference For Zimbabwe Dollars?

Wonder why it's cheaper to buy the same amount of Zimbabwe Dollars in one particular denomination than another? Even if it's the same amount in total?

Reason being is because certain notes are not only tougher to source, but sell for more on the wholesale level. If something is more expensive on the wholesale level, your always going to see the same case on the retail level as well.

At our current pricing a single 100 Trillion Zimbabwe Dollar note sells for $69.95. A buyer could opt instead to buy (2) of the 50 Trillion Zimbabwe Dollar notes for $30 a piece and only be into it for $60. Essentially it's $9.95 cheaper to take the same amount of Zimbabwe Dollars in two 50 Trillion notes as opposed to a single 100 Trillion note.

For a long time most buyers were dead set on getting the 100 Trillion notes. As of late however it seems most buyers are choosing to get the best bang for their buck and buy whatever gets them the most Zim for the least amount of US Dollars.

Currently the 50 Trillion Zimbabwe Dollars are the best buy, however that does occasionally change. At times the best has been 20 Trillions, at other times 10 Trillions. Feel free to browse our store and see what is the best priced at any given time.

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