How Much Is My Iraqi Dinar Worth? Where To Sell My Iraqi Dinar? May 24 2016

What Can I Sell My Dinar For?

Looking to sell your Iraqi Dinar? We are always buying Iraqi Dinar. Currently we are buying in Uncirculated Iraqi Dinar for $700 per million, and we are buying in Circulated Iraqi Dinar for $600 per million.

Incase your wondering what the difference is between uncirculated and circulated Iraqi Dinar. Uncirculated Iraqi Dinar is brand new mint condition notes. Uncirculated Dinar should have no rips, bends, folds, or pen marks or staple holes.

Circulated Dinar on the other hand would be like bills you have in your wallet. They may have bends, folds, soft corners or soft edges. In some cases they may have minor pen writing on them or staple holes.

If you're interested in selling your Iraqi Dinar we are always buying. To sell to us either fill out our selloff form on our Sell Us Your Dinar Page, or give us a call at 1-800-884-1288 for a quote.

We have the quickest payout in the industry. We are typically able to get a check out to you the same afternoon we receive your Dinar.