Buy Iraqi Dinar With A Credit Or Debit Card HERE December 05 2014

If you're looking to purchase Iraqi Dinar, Vietnam Dong, Zimbabwe Dollars or Indonesian Rupiah and want to pay by Credit Card or Debit Card, you've come to the right place. Unlike many Dinar sellers who only accept Bankwires or Cashiers Checks which are not only costly sometimes costing you as much as $40 for a wire, but also delay the time it takes to make your purchase and receive your currency.

We accept Credit Cards and Debit Cards on all purchases with a limit of $1,000 per customer per day. Shipping costs do not figure into that limit so it is okay to purchase a Million Dinar for say $999 and an additional for shipping. We also typically ship same day up til 4PM Central time. So you can purchase Iraqi Dinar today and receive it as soon as tomorrow if you select the overnight shipping option.


Why is this so great? For several reasons, it speeds up the time your purchase takes to arrive to you. It saves you the hassle of having to run to the bank as well as the cost of a cashiers check or bankwire, unlike others we absorb the cost of processing your payment instead of passing it along to you the customer.


If you're looking to buy Iraqi Dinar, VIetnam Dong or others by card simply place an order on our website here at BuyIQD.Com or at our other site BuyIraqiDinarHere.Com. You can also place an order over the phone by calling us at 1-800-884-1288.