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10 Reasons to Buy Your Iraqi Dinar from BuyIQD.Com October 18 2016

10 Reasons to Buy Dinar from Us

1. We are a known and trusted name in the Dinar industry.

2. We accept Credit and Debit cards as well as offering several other convenient payment options.

3. We are Treasury Registered

4. Stellar customer service.

5. Orders ship same day! All orders placed by 4PM Central time Monday through Friday ship out same day.

6. Ability to order and pay for your order 24/7 365.

7. Phone support to answer your questions or take orders over the phone Monday through Friday 9AM to 5PM Central Standard time.

8. We offer a wide selection of products. Whether your looking to buy Iraqi Dinar, Vietnam Dong, Zimbabwe Dollars, Indonesian Rupiah, Chinese Yuan, or other notes, we have you covered.

9. We off both circulated and uncirculated notes. For those looking for Uncirculated notes we have them. We also try to maintain a stock of circulated notes which allow buyers to get the most bang for their buck.

10. We buy and sell. Whether your looking to purchase Dinar or looking to sell Dinar, we can help you with both.