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List of Banks that Buy and Sell Iraqi Dinar October 13 2017

List of Banks that Buy and Sell Iraqi Dinar

Lately we've been asked by many of our customers if there is a list of banks which buy and sell the Iraqi  Dinar. We've also noticed an increasing number of internet posts asking the same thing.

While years ago many larger national chain banks such as Bank of America, Chase, Wells Fargo, and Fifth Third bank both bought and sold the Iraqi Dinar, these days few banks are dealing with the Dinar. We have confirmed a few Citi Bank branches are dealing with Dinar but they are not as widely available as many of the other banks, however if you have one near you, you may want to give them a call.

Aside from that, despite many people online claiming that Wells Fargo and other banks are buying or selling Dinar, we havn't been able to confirm that as all branches we've checked with have said no.

Why Aren't Banks Buying and Selling Dinar?

Many banks these days are getting away from foreign currency or FX period. Many banks are simply referring customers over to companies like Travelex. By the way, Travelex doesn't deal with the Iraqi Dinar. 

The same way banks are getting rid of their coin counting services, foreign exchange services were a courtesy banks offered to customers for many years, but are getting away from. 

The few remaining banks which do deal with foreign currency often aren't dealing with the Iraqi Dinar as they know nobody is traveling to Iraq for Spring Break. When banks offer foreign currency services they do it as a courtesy or convenience for their customers. They typically don't make much money if at all, and oftentimes it may even cost them money having expensive and unnecessary Brinks deliveries for some guy who wants $100 worth of Iraqi Dinar each week. 

While some banks may still allow you to grab some Euros or Mexican Pesos for your upcomming vacation, most are not going to be too keen on ordering $100 worth of Dinar for you on a weekly basis and therefor most are not offering Iraqi Dinar.

We have spoken to some of our customers who have smaller community banks and credit unions near them willing to buy or sell Dinar but those tend to be few and far between and the majority seem to be in Texas.

If you're looking for banks who will buy your Dinar or sell your Dinar your best bet is to either see if you have a local Citibank Branch or call around to some local credit unions or smaller community banks.

Your other alternative is to buy from or sell to a Dinar or currency dealer such as ourselves or others which you can find online. If you're looking to buy feel free to browse our products. If you're looking to sell feel free to fill out our selloff form. And as always, if you have any questions or need assistance feel free to call us at 1-800-884-1288.