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Buy Dinar Online vs. In Person September 26 2017

Buy Dinar Online vs. In Person

If you're looking to purchase Iraqi Dinar you have the option of purchasing it online or in person, however there are going to be fewer options to buy Dinar in person, so you're best bet is online.

If you're looking to purchase Iraqi Dinar online you have dealers or brokers such as ourselves. Do your research before buying. Make sure whomever your buying from is Treasury Registered and has a good reputation. You can check this by Googling the dealers company name or site and seeing if any negative forum comments or anything of that sort comes back. 

In addition to purchasing from online dealers such as ourselves some people choose to buy on eBay. There are some good deals to be had as some people are selling off their personal Dinar, so you're essentially cutting out the middle man and can definately find some deals. That said it seems eBay is slowly phasing out their currency sales, especially the Iraqi Dinar so where as years ago you would find thousands of listings, these days your going to find much less. While deals can be had some eBay sellers are a little less than professional taking a long time to ship or never shipping at all. Now your safe, you're covered by eBay and Paypal's buyer protection program but it's a hassle none the less.

If you're looking to purchase Iraqi Dinar online is very safe if you deal with a reputable dealer. Obviously we would prefer you buy from us but most of the common names you see on the forums such as Worldwide Collectibles, Currency Liquidator, Safe Dinar, XChange of America, etc are all legitimate sellers. One perk about purchasing from us is we ship same day until 4PM Central time and we accept credit and debit cards unlike a lot of the other sellers.

If you have any questions or would like to place an order feel free to call us at 1-800-884-1288.