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Iraqi Dinar Shortages Leave Many Sellers Out of Stock February 17 2018

Dinar Shortages Leave Many Sellers Without Stock

For the past few weeks the Dinar supply has made acquiring Iraqi Dinar on the wholesale markets tougher and tougher. In December and January dealers seemed to have a supply of Dinar, though many were limited to only circulated Dinar.

We've been hearing from our larger brokers and wholesalers that Dinar is getting tougher and tougher to come by, especially Uncirculated Dinar.

The past couple weeks however things have gotten even tighter. Most of our wholesale suppliers lately are completely out of Dinar while others are only able to give us a limited amount at a time, oftentimes not in the condition or specific denomination we would like to order.

You may have noticed that many other Dinar sellers are completely out of stock or are currently backordered on Iraqi Dinar in some or all denominations.

At this point in time we are fairly well stocked and should be for the next couple weeks. We did recently have to hike our prices a bit. Traditionally we have always sold a full Million Dinar at $969, however due to recent shortages and an increase in pricing on the wholesale market we've had to raise our price on a full million to $1075.

We are still competitively priced. We are one of the few sellers who are able to accept credit and debit card payments which for our customers is both cheaper and more convenient, however it costs us about 3 times the standard rates of for credit card processing so we absorb most of those costs on our customers behalf.

If you're ever looking for deals feel free to call us at 1-800-884-1288. If you make payment for your order by cashiers check or bank wire we can offer discounts as it saves us a significant amount by us not having to absorb the merchant processing costs and we are happy to pass those savings along to you.

Thanks for your continued business and support and we'll keep you updated on the Dinar supply situation currently going on.