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We have Chinese Silver Panda Coins in Stock - Current and Assorted Years October 02 2015

We Have China Silver Panda Coins In Stock

Chinese Silver Pandas -The Chinese Panda Coins. These are very beautiful in nature and that makes it a favorite among collectors. These coins are extensively detailed in design and look great and that is what draws collectors. Silver Pandas are most definately some of the finest silver coins in the world.

2012 Chinese Panda Silver Coin

The back side of the Silver Chinese Panda coin shows the image of the hall of Prayer for Good Harvest in the Temple of Heaven in Beijing. This is a classic example of what Chinese architecture looks like. The other side shows the Panda. Panda's are rare and a well known animal. Pandas are loved worldwide for their distinctive coloring, beautiful appearance and meek temperment. The Panda seems very innocent which is another reason why people love it. The Panda is really what gives these coins such an endouring touch.

Every Panda coin has a unique style to it. The design unlike many other mints also changes every year, so every year there's a new design of coin to collect and add to your collection. Many online coin shops, as well as eBay and Amazon are great places to buy these coins. You can also buy these coins in our catalogue section. We carry the current year as well as various coins from past mint years. HERE you can see one of our 2012 Pandas.