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Buy Circulated Zimbabwe Dollars CHEAP!!! As Low As $1 Per Note August 03 2016

Looking For A Deal On Zimbabwe Dollars?

If you're looking for a deal on Zimbabwe Dollars, we have a deal for you. In the past we only carried Uncirculated Zimbabwe Dollars. Recently however we have been able to source some circulated Zimbabwe Dollars.

Where as our 100 Trillion UNC Zimbabwe Dollars are currently running $69.95, the circulated notes, which are still in VERY good condition are only running $50 so a savings of $20 per note.

Our 50 Trillion notes which typically run $30 for a 50 Trillion Note, we have circulated 50 Trillion notes for just $20. 

And lastly, probably our best deal we have going, is on the 500 Million notes. Typically $35 for a UNC note, we have circulated 500 Million notes for only $15, more than 50% off. 

You may want to check out our SPECIALS PAGE, where we have some of the million and billion series notes, still the AA2008 series, for as little as $1 per note.