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Zimbawbe Dollars Available on Amazon? Should You buy Them? October 27 2016

Can You Buy Zimbabwe Dollars on Amazon?

Many people love shopping on Amazon so it makes sense people often wonder if they can buy Zimbabwe Dollar notes on Amazon?

Amazon kind of spurred the popularity of the 100 Trillion Zimbabwe note and other notes from the AA2008 series. Technically speaking however Amazon never really allowed the sale of Zimbabwe Dollars. Sellers on Amazon would list these in the toy category, clothing category, and other categories which didn't accurately fit the item.

About a year back Amazon started banning sellers of Zimbabwe Dollars and removing all the listings. For a few months you couldn't find any Zimbabwe Dollars on Amazon. 

More recently however sellers have begun popping back up on Amazon selling Zimbabwe Dollars from the 2008 series, also referred to as the AA series. The notes are fairly expensive as Amazon charges a 15% fee for selling which these sellers need to recoup before they see any profit. Currently 100 Trillion notes are going for around $99, which is about 25% higher than other places you can buy them.

Also, because these items are essentially slipped in and not officially allowed or sanctioned by Amazon you may or may not be able to rely on the Amazon system to protect you in the case you get fake notes or damaged notes. Also keep in mind you won't consistantly be dealing with the same seller as sellers come and go as Amazon catches on and bans them.

The last thing you'll want to be aware of is that many of these sellers are based outside of the USA which can mean longer shipping times, is riskier in terms of you getting legitimate authentic notes, and is just overall something you should be aware of.

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