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100 Trillion Zimbabwe Dollar Security Features - How to tell if yours are Authentic? May 13 2016

100 Trillion Zimbabwe Dollar Security Features

When your buying Zimbabwe Dollars you want to make sure your getting the real deal or the real mccoy. But how do you really know?

Like the Iraqi Dinar, Vietnam Dong, and other currencies, the Zimbabwe Dollar has a set of security features of it's own. If you look at the image below, you'll see three of the most prominent security features highlighted.


First you will notice the security thread which most currencies have. The security thread runs through the left side of the note. Within that security thread you will see the letters RBZ. This is two of the strongest security features on the 100 Trillion Zimbabwe Dollar note.

Lastly you will see at the bottom right of the note a color changing hologram. If you turn this and look at it in different shades of light or different angles you will see this turn from Gold to Bronze, or from Bronze to gold.

These 100 Trillion Zimbabwe Dollar notes do have more security features than just these mentioned, but these are three of the strongest and most easily recognizable security features on this AA2008 series note.

100 Trillion Zimbabwe Dollars B Series Notes - What Are They? May 12 2016

100 Trillion Zimbabwe Dollars B Series?

The short answer is No. We are not aware of anything called a B series

 The long answer is this...

Recently we have received many questions relating to this "B series". As far as we are aware there is no such thing as an "A" or "B" series. If you have information to the contrary please contact us and let us know, we always like to learn more.

Many people refer to these Zimbabwe Dollar 2008 or Trillion Series notes as the AA series. The reason being there is an "AA" prefix in front of the serial number on the bottom right of the note. The best we can gather in terms of these names is that customers are referring to the "AA123456" Some of the lower denomination of the Zimbabwe Dollar may be prefixed with "AC" or "AB" instead of "AA".

To the best of our knowledge however the 100 Trillion Dollar and the 50 Trillion Dollar note only exist with the AA prefix. To our knowledge only the smaller denoms possibly had a different prefix. One example of this could be the 500 Million Dollar note.

Currently what we have in stock is both the AA and AB series of these notes. There are plenty of banknotes from other countries that have gone through various series for various reasons.