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Zimbabwe Dollars Getting Scarce May 20 2016

Zimbabwe Dollars Becomming Scarce

Zimbabwe Dollars are on the rise. If you havn't noticed the price of Zimbabwe Dollars on our site as well as others and eBay has dramatically been on the rise. These notes are getting scarce and tough to get.

In the past we used one main supplier for these notes. Recently however when we called to place our order he told us that we had bought up all his stock. We had a few other sources to fall back on but not only are these notes getting scarce, but the prices seem to be going up every time we need to re-up on our inventory.

There was a fairly small number of these notes printed. Oddly enough the 20 Trillion Zimbabwe Dollars AA2008 series is actually one of the rarest of them, however they also seem to be the least popular.

You can view our inventory in our store, we carry the 100 Trillion, 50 Trillion, 20 Trillion, 10 Trillion and 500 Million notes.

Order now while you still can. Many of our customers who bought notes last year tend to be surprise that what they paid $39.95 for 6 months or a year ago is now selling for $69.95. Though we would love to see the price of these notes come down, it doesn't seem to be happening.

If your thinking about purchasing some Zimbabwe Dollar Banknotes, you should probably do it sooner rather than later as they seem to continue to get more difficult to acquire.