Warning Regarding "Private Cash in Groups" Offering Big Money for your Iraqi Dinar or Zimbabwe Dollars October 12 2017

Beware of Private "Cash in Groups"

At least once a week we get a call from a customer asking about private cash-in groups. Apparently there's groups of people offering to buy Iraqi Dinar, Vietnam Dong, and Zimbabwe Dollars among other currencies from people who hold them. Oftentimes they are offering them ridiculous amounts of money which far outweight the current value of these currencies.

Many of you have probably heard the phrase if it sounds too good to be true it probably is and that's the case with these  cash in groups. While we don't really know the specific details of how these groups work, we too are contacted by these groups and told someone wants to buy our Dinar at 0.50 cents per Dinar. Keep in mind our current going price for the Iraqi Dinar is only $969 per million for Uncirculated notes and $880 per million for circulated notes, far cheaper than these cash in groups are offering.

The reason I question these offers is if someone can buy Dinar from our company for $969, why would they pay you hundreds of thousands or even millions of Dollars for your Dinar or Zim while they could buy it from us for substantially cheaper? 

Lately we have also gotten some calls from not just people who are inquiring about these grousp but whom have actually sent money off to these groups and from the people we've spoken with not only has nobody actually been paid, but those who have tried to get their currency back are having trouble even getting it back.

Just wanted to put out a post warning everyone not to be greedy. If something sounds too good to be true it probably is and you shouldn't sell your Dinar or any currency for that mamtter unless your either getting cash in hand, or unless you know and are familiar with the company your dealing with. With Dinar sellers such as ourselves when we buy DInar everything is done via mail order, however we are a known and trusted name who's been around for years as are many of the other Dinar and currency dealers and brokers in the space.