We Have New 2014 Iraqi Dinar Notes In Stock!!! Same Great Pricing As Always February 14 2017

New 2014 Iraqi Dinar Banknotes

The internet has been abuzz for a while with talk of the new 2014 Iraqi Dinar banknotes. While still the same Iraqi Dinar (IQD) currency and the same value, these were a newer print edition of the Dinar.

The same way the US Dollar and other currencies roll out new notes every few years with new security features Iraq does the same thing. 

These notes are still the same exact currency and carry the same value as the notes you probably already own, but many people have been wanting to get their hands on these new notes. The new notes, pictured below, featured below while very similar have a little bit of a different picture on the notes, and also feature a plastic thread as a new added security feature.

2014 iraqi dinar banknotes


While many other sellers and dealers are selling these notes for a premium price we currently have these notes in stock for the same great pricing as the normal notes. Get them now for a limited time!!!

If you want to ensure you receive the new 2014 notes feel free to call us at 1-800-884-1288 and place your order over the phone so you can verify that we still have these notes in stock.