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Circulated Dinar, can come in 25,000 or 10,000 or 5,000 notes depending upon what denominations of circulated IQD we have in stock. 


*** If you would like to request a particular denomination please call us at 1-800-884-1288 prior to ordering. More often than not you will get 25,000 notes, however the denomination you get is dependent upon our stock. 


CIRCULATED Condition - notes may have bends, folds, soft corners or edges. These notes are perfectly good and acceptable, just not mint condition. At the end of the day all notes are worth the same. 

All Orders Come With Certificate Of Authenticity



You are viewing the circulated Iraqi Dinar notes. This particular listing is for circulated notes.  This is the new Iraqi Dinar, NOT, the old Iraqi Dinar picturing Saddam Hussein, those notes were outmoded back around October of 2003 and no longer have any monetary value. The notes pictured here and the notes sold by us are all the New and current Iraqi Dinar notes. 

The Iraqi Dinar is one of the most secure currencies in the world and is printed by the De La Rue Corporation, one of the largest integrated commercial security printers and papermakers, and the printer of over 150 World Currencies.

The image below shows the security features of the New Iraqi Dinar 25,000 denomination notes. If you hold the note up to the light, you will be able to see the horsehead watermark on the note as seen on the left center side of the diagram. If you look towards the bottom left of the image below, you will see the color changing ink. The color changing isn't as dramatic as a hologram, however if tilted in the light you will see different shades or hues of color. Towards the top left of the image below is the metalic ink, and running down the entire note just off center to the right is the security thread. The 25,000 Iraqi Dinar note, also features an ultraviolet block that glows the denominations value in Arabic writing. 


In 2014 the Central Bank of Iraq rolled out a new version of the note, many people refer to this as the 2014 series of notes or the ones with the "plastic strip" running down the note. The design slightly changed as well. Both notes are good, both have monetary value and both are the current notes. It's similar to how here in the USA, we have old $100 bills circulating along side the newer bills with the giant "100" and the purple writing on the back. Both are good, both are worth the same, both still have monetary value, it's just every few years the mint rolls out a new design of the note.

While we tend to carry both the 2003-2013 series of notes along with the 2014 series of notes we can't gurantee which you will receive. If you have a preference please call in your order and you can request 2014 series notes. 

If you are in the market for uncirculated notes we carry those as well.

Click here for the 50,000 denomination Iraqi Dinar notes.

Click here for the 10,000 denomination Iraqi Dinar notes.

Click here for the 5,000 denomination Iraqi Dinar notes. 

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