250 Iraqi Dinar UNC Notes - Sold By The Bundle of (100) Notes

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250 Iraqi Dinar UNC Notes

Uncirculated Condition

All Orders Come With Certificate Of Authenticity

* Because of the smaller denomination this package is sold as a "bundle" of (100) notes and is not sold by the single note. A bundle of 250 denomination notes equates to 25,000 Iraqi Dinar in total.


 250 Iraqi Dinar


You are viewing the 250 New Iraqi Dinar note. This is the new Iraqi Dinar, NOT, the old Iraqi Dinar picturing Saddam Hussein, those notes were outmoded back around October of 2003 and no longer have any monetary value. The notes pictured here and the notes sold by us are all the New and current Iraqi Dinar notes. 

The Iraqi Dinar is one of the most secure currencies in the world and is printed by the De La Rue Corporation, one of the largest integrated commercial security printers and papermakers, and the printer of over 150 World Currencies.



If you are in the market for circulated notes we oftentimes carry those as well.

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