SALE: 1 Million Circulated Dinar $850 Per Million

$ 850.00 $ 880.00

1 Million Iraqi Dinar

Circulated Notes

This listing is a special sale price, while supplies last. We are offering 1 Million circulated Dinar for ONLY $850 per million, that is nearly at spot rate which is currently at $844. 

This listing is for circulated Dinar meaning the notes will NOT be brand new uncirculated notes, but will be like a note you have in your wallet. These notes may have bends, folds, etc but all are in passable condition ie no rips, tears, etc.

The denomination you will receive could be 5,000 notes, 10,000 notes or 25,000 notes depending upon what we have in stock. If you are particular about which denomination you want please call us at 1-800-884-1288 and we will let you know if we can accomodate your request.